Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bonjour 2012!


Triple awesome! I'm here to tell what I've been doing in New Year's Eve.
In the first. I thought it's going to be sucks. Well, it was, a lil bit. Just a tiny weenie bit sucks.
I'm expecting to watch some more fireworks (or even light them myself) But since my Dad
didn't buy any fireworks.. so me, Azzahra and Ahnaf (sister and brother) and my Dad set the small thin Fireworks. I didn't take any picture, but we had so much fun! And unfortunately my 4 yrs old bro, Ahnaf, he stepped on a used fireworks and hurt his feet. Poor baby. But still! It was a blast.

Then I watched 'Abduction' with my Mom (HELL YEAA Taylor Lautner ftw!) But the dvd's kinda broken and I fell asleep. When I woke up, it's almost 12:00 and there are lots of fireworks noises. So me and my mom went to my bedroom and we watched fireworks through my window. IT WAS MAGICALLY AMAZING! It's really close and when it's finally 12:00 AM, suddenly fireworks are everywhere. LITERALLY. I just love it.

I got these from WeHeartIt, but trust me. Those fireworks I saw were as amazing as the photos.

Oh and by the way..

Have a great time!
Lots of yays

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