Friday, December 30, 2011

Farewell 2011, Hello 2012.

Today is 30th of December.
It means tomorrow is 31th of December.

So technically TOMORROW is the LAST day of 2011!
Then the day after tomorrow, we're in 2012.
I have stuff to say, about what I've been through in 2011 and what I'm trying to reach in 2012.
Here it is.

I achieved many things. I finally came into a new area, Junior High School or SMP.
It's totally different from Elementary. Everything kind of changed. The lifestyle,
friends, teacher, me, everything. But I've been good, and I'm pretty satisfied
when it comes to school. There ain't much things to say, but, the big line is, I've been really blessed in 2011. Life became bitter, and painful, but I think there are lotsss of blast and awesomeness here. I met new friends, new people, all amazing. Thank you for being great, 2011! And thank you so much to Allah SWT. Thank You for everything You gave, such a blessing :-) I definitely going to miss 2011. A lot.

Well, first, I hope It's not the end of the world! Lol.
I hope I can be a better person, stronger, wiser, slimmer. (The last thing, I mean it :p)

Gue pengen gue, keluarga, temen-temen, semuanya dikasih umur yang panjang. Hidup dikasih kemudahan, kelancaran, dann kebahagiaan yang emang udah pasti. Semoga makin rajin belajar, makin tekun, nilainya bagus-bagus, Osis lancar dan sejahtera, pokoknya semua lancar. Kalopun ada hambatan/masalah, semoga cepet dikasih solusi. Amiin Ya Rabbal Alamin!

What I want in 2012:

- Thinner body. Or slimmer. Whatever
- Healthier body too
- Longer and better hair
- Wiser, happier soul
- Much much much more money
- Clothes. DEFINITELY.
- Girl abs. HAHA yesh
- New laptop and camera

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